Thursday, 17 April 2014


There’s no doubt the next chapter is entirely dedicated to the fight: Madara vs. Sasuke and Naruto(with 4th and 2nd).

The action commences from the first page only. Madara attacks with all the black balls and cleverly sends one of them towards Gai but the attacks were in vain as  Naruto counters all of them with his own rods and blacks balls(Don’t make a joke of balls please..:D). Without wasting a split second Madara attacks with a huge Inferno Destruction but Sasuke absorbs it all...The rinnegan of course....

The next few pages show the epic battle with Sasuke and Naruto dominating. Fourth and second would also play a part in this battle as we have seen Naruto biting Fourth’s blade and Sasuke has Second’s mark. It’s hard to predict what kind of moves they will do as they have got new powerups and definitely there will a whole new set of never before seen offence. One thing is clear all the 4 will definitely dominate Madara.

In the due process few pages would show the final talk of Obito and Kakashi.
Obito would explain Kakashi how he asked Sakura to give him a clean but slow death. He would apologize for everything he has done and then as a dying present give Kakashi his other Sharigan.

The next Page would show Naruto and Sasuke preparing for a lethal attack combining their sun and moon symbol while Madara is anxiously preparing for the counter attack

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


“I think of Heaven as a garden where I shall find again  those dear ones  who have made my world”
                           -       Minnie Aumonier

WWE did everything within their power to pay utmost homage to perhaps the greatest of all time, Ultimate Warrior.

WWE RAW kicked off with the entire roster on the stage in Ultimate Warrior gear,even Vince McMahon. Moreover  a  video package dedicated to Ultimate Warrior’s was shown  by Jerry Lawler.

A 10 bell salute was paid to the Ultimate Warrior and then Lawler invited everyone to celebrate the life of Ultimate Warrior as Warrior’s theme was played. The whole building was filled with Ultimate Warrior chants.

Throughout  Raw magnificent clips of Warrior were shown to the crowd  and they responded really well to all of them; Enjoying and relishing the past

James Brian Hellwig was truly a great performer and he would always be a part of our life. May he rest in piece.


The arrival of Batista sent rumours up in the air about the coalescing of Evolution and now those rumours turned out to be true.
It all started with the interruption of Shield and it was obvious The Shield wanted to fight them. It’s the evolution we are talking about.
The Shield did good and brought every superstar on the same page by attacking each and every one of them and hurting their egos.
In mid way of the match between The Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Jack Swagger,Jinder Mahal , Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Alexander Rusev and Bad News Barrett. Evolution’s music hits and out comes Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton.

Evolution hits the ring as The Shield tries to get to their feet. They beat down Rollins first. Reigns make the save but Orton drops him with a RKO. Batista hits a Batista Bomb on Reigns. Rollins gets back up but Orton holds him while Triple H wails away. Batista stomps on Ambrose. Orton hits Rollins with a RKO. Orton and Batista hold Reigns while Triple H tells him to believe in Evolution. HHH nails a Pedigree on Reigns.

Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton united once again and its only a matter of weeks before the beloved fourth member Ric Flair also comes!!    


The Raw kicks off with a 10 bell salute for warrior as the entire Raw roster along with Vince McMahon watches on. The theme of Ultimate Warrior plays and the entire crowd cheers.

Intercontinental Tournament Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio
Winner:  Rob Van Dam

Rhodes Bros vs. Curtis and Ryback
Winner:  Curtis Axel and Ryback

Alcia Fox vs. Paige
Winner:  Paige

The Usos vs. Randy Orton and Batista
The shield interrupts. Batista takes out Ambrose and Rollins but Reigns takes him down with a superman punch.

Intercontinental Title Tournament Match: Cesaro vs. Mark Henry
Winner: Cesaro

Alexander Rusev vs. Xavier Woods
Winner: Alexander Rusev

(I C Tournament Match) Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger
Winner: Sheamus

Sandow comes out and screams at the crowd about being No.1. and how he would become the world champion. Big Show’s music hits he comes out and knocks out Sandow.

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena is set for Extreme Rules in a steel cage match.
Emma and Santino Marella vs. Layla and Fandango
Winners: Layla and Fandango

Intercontinental Title Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett
Winner: Bad News Barrett

The Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio, Fandango, Jack Swagger,Jinder Mahal , Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Alexander Rusev and Bad News Barrett.
Evolution hits the ring and beats every member of Shield.